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In Game Tips

Post  Host_ІŠon Sun Jul 19, 2009 8:36 pm

1.It is said that meditating on one of the pads in the academies, while wearing weights and running, is likely to increase your hp and chakra much faster than just meditating any random place.

2.To train nin and tai at the same time make sure your standing next to a log and a speed bag and set macro command as "Log-Train nSpeed-Bag" and you will train both at the same time.

3.Also, I have a tip for people who want a perfect cap on tai at Genin, so they can have their sub-clan before they take a Chuunin exam. It's really not that hard if you try for it. Log train your tai to somewhere between 440 and 460, then wait for the game to auto-save. As soon as it does, continue training to your cap, fast. Once you've capped, if you didn't get a perfect cap, relog before the game auto-saves again. When you get back on, you can train again to cap right after the auto-save again, and repeat the process until you get a perfect cap. =)
For those who don't know (cuz I know there are still many of you out there who haven't figured it out yet), a perfect cap is when your stats end up exactly on your rank cap (eg. 250, 500, 750, 1000, depending on your rank), and you can use a perfect cap to continue training and gain levels. The percentage will continue to go up and you will keep leveling up until you rank up again.

4.And here are a set of tips by our home skillet biscuit Shikashadow:

Equipping your sword last in your power up order increases the damage of your Attack verb and of Tessenka No Mai. I've known this for a while and it is not a bug. Luber can attest to this. However it is a bug if you use it in conjunction with revive or Ninpou Kuma Nenkin w/ Sound Waves.

Get a medic to use restore/shousen jutsu or something on a fox and the foxes hp will reduce the 1,500. This is a bug but nobody really cares.

Rasengan and Chidori can one hits foxes if you put 200,000,000 chakra into it.

Don't ask how to host a server, where the host file links are, or if you can have GM. We more than likely don't know, and you probably won't get GM just for asking.

Don't get nervous in part 3 of the chuunin exam. If you do you'll choke, or spam Goukakyuu or some other jutsu by accident.

When you get bored you should come to the forum and play some forum games!

The best way to train Genjutsu is to wear weights and make a Shushin macro and spam it like hell.

If you need something, ask one of the GMs. GM stands for Game Moderator. They're there to help you. GMs are usually the ones with colored names. And just because the server belongs to Fafy doesn't mean you always have to ask her for help instead of someone else.

Looking for a new anime to watch? Watch Code Geass!

Don't post links or port codes to other games. There's the chance you will be IP Banned by some of the more impulsive people with verbs. <.< >.>

This also goes for links to other NBotLS Servers. However you will get IP Banned for putting those up no matter what.

Be careful of what you say in whisper, creepers. The host can see it. And some of you say some very entertaining things.

Add some more tips if you got em....
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thot id add some thing that i do and works for me

Post  spaid on Sat Aug 22, 2009 3:13 am

I find it a lot faster and easier to get a perfect cap and get to lvl 500 as a student seeing as how the cap is lower and u will train faster I do this every time i remake. and thas it cyas
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